Vertrieb master thesis outline

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Vertrieb master thesis outline

Kockaert KU Leuven hendrik. But specialised communication is not only prerequisite for basic functions in the society as health and democracy. As the manufacturer is legally responsible for the manual towards the end-user, the user manual and all relevant technical documentation is an integral part of the product.

In order to avoid safety and quality issues, this needs to be managed and quality needs to be measured. However, there is a correlation between process quality, service quality and product quality.

Whenever organisations design their business processes and work-flows according to general or industry-relevant quality standards, this has an influence both direct and indirect on the quality of their processes, products and services. Terminology management, quality assurance in technical documentation, state-of-the-art standards and training and qualification of professionals are key.

Whenever an organisation tackles one or two or all three of these aspects, this has an impact on the other aspects or the entire quality system.

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Session title will be inserted by editors Keywords Specialised language, engineering, single source publishing, technical documentation, safety and security, terminology, quality, product liability, standards and training.

Session title will be inserted by editors Why Terminology? Terminology is the core component of all specialized communication. It is about the linguistic designations for concepts and objects in a given subject area, but it is also concerned with other units such as collocations, lexical combinations or phraseologies in actual use, which are all part of specialized languages and discourse.

Ontologies are the most important way to describe the relation between concepts and to model a conceptual system. Through ontologies, we can make terminologies operational. According to ISOterminology work is the systematic collection, description, processing and presentation of concepts and their designations.

This means that terminology is concerned with concepts and conceptual systems, making them explicit by means of definitions and designations as well as phrases within languages for special purposes.

Terminology science provides the basic concepts and best practices for terminology work and terminography, i. Terminology and the study of language for special purposes is situated on the intersection of various fields of knowledge logic, ontology, linguistics, information science, language policy, language planning etc.

Terminological units can be seen not only from the linguistic dimension that examines existing linguistic forms as well as potential linguistic forms that can be created in order to name new concepts but from the cognitive dimension which examines the concept relations and how the concepts constitute structured sets of knowledge units or concept systems in every area of human knowledge, as well as the representation of concepts by definitions and terms and the communicative dimension that focus on the use of terms as a means of transferring knowledge to different categories of recipients in a variety of communicative situations and covers the activities of compilation, processing and dissemination of terminological data in the form of specialized dictionaries, glossaries or terminological databases, etc.

Referring to specialist communication, terminology can be defined as the entirety of all concepts and terms of a specific subject field.

Therefore, one can equate terminology with specialist vocabulary.

vertrieb master thesis outline

Efficient communication with regard to technical language or standardization of concepts is not possible without an exact definition of the concepts under discussion.

That means that an onomasiological approach is needed; i. Once the concept is defined within a taxonomy a concept systemthe terms can be correctly assigned and different terms in different languages can be correctly linked to the concept under discussion.

Communication is getting more and more complex, not only between specialists and laypeople, but even between experts in one and the same discipline.

This is especially true when communicating across and beyond language and cultural borders. Within the given economic context, each company and institute faces a growing technical, scientific and legal complexity. As a consequence, a lot of very sophisticated documents have to be written and translated: Session title will be inserted by editors 1.

Machinery consists of an assembly of components, at least one of which moves, joined together for a specific application.

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The drive system of machinery is powered by energy other than human or animal effort. Therefore, important EU Machinery Legislation has come into force.The master’s thesis will be written under the supervision of two universities, both awarding graduate degrees.

The course will be based on competence-based learning. Students will work on ‘real life’ cases brought in by companies and (governmental and other) Key-Account-Manager bei . Master Thesis 1|Page PREFACE to add up more different testing capabilities to its final outline.

Going down to our testing procedure, the system was designed to generate knowledge zuständigen Vertriebsbüro in Verbindung (siehe, Vertrieb&Kontakt).

Für . ISO is an internationally agreed standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. It helps organizations improve their environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste, gaining a competitive advantage.

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