The reasons why i am disinterested in religion and its beliefs

What I am suggesting is we create and support a system where political decisions are made based on arguments that stand on their own merits without a religious crutch. All it means is people need to use objective, measurable evidence to defend their arguments, instead of just referring to their faith and leaving it at that.

The reasons why i am disinterested in religion and its beliefs

Contact Author Source Religion in developed countries is declining—but why so fast? In the coming years, it is estimated that 9 countries will be comprised entirely of non-believers. We have seen a significant decline in religious belief in most developed countries. For example, the U. Even in the USA, a country known for being very religious, we see this decline in religious practice.

Fromthe percentage of Christians in the population fell from As our societies change and develop, so too must our understanding of them. So why is it that our developed countries are seeing such a dramatic fall in religious adherence?

The 6 Reasons Why Religion Is Dying People are opting out More education leads to less faith Bad press Religion is seen as counterproductive to development Religion incites wars Free thought and logic inhibit blind faith Each of these topics will be explained in greater detail in the paragraphs below.

Children Are Allowed to Choose Their Religions As parenting around the world continues to evolve, providing children with religious choice is viewed as moral by many parents. When we try to understand why religion is declining around the globe, we must take these two factors into account: Upbringing Today, with more rights and more freedoms, children are frequently given the choice to believe in a religion or not.

The reasons why i am disinterested in religion and its beliefs

There is no longer one clear way of behaving, and the need for parents consciously or subconsciously to protect their children from prejudice—by raising them to conform with the community's faith— has fallen sharply. Multiculturalism With the relatively new acceptance of multiculturalism, people see that there are alternatives to what they were taught as children.

They come to understand that perhaps their way was not the best one.

Thus, parents now have the choice of teaching many different views and morals, providing children with the ability to choose the life that best matches their personalities and desires. The Social Result of Religious Choice Religious choice has reshaped society in ways that most of us are unconscious of.

A few of these social changes include: Diffusion Naturally, with the introduction of new choices, religion will have lost some of its members to non-belief simply because non-belief has become an acceptable option.

That’d be one of the reasons why I left. : exmormon

Overwhelmed by choices Many children now see that there are overdifferent denominations of religions, and none of them have any more evidence than the others. Hence, without a clear reason for choosing one over another, many people conclude that they are simply unable to choose one at all.

Since the decision forms the most fundamental beliefs a person can have, young people are no longer making the choice lightly or superficially. Consider what religion attempts to answer: What is right and wrong? Is there an after-life? What is our purpose?

Given the complexity of answering these questions, today's young people find religion to be an inadequate guide for surviving in the 21st-century. Religion Declines Due to Evolving Education Systems As schools around the world continue to evolve, religious studies become less biased and more open to criticism.

Schools Linking back to the idea that there are more choices and rights available to us in today's society, the modern schooling system accelerates the effects of these new choices by allowing for an unbiased teaching of different cultures and ideas.

In many countries, it is mandatory for all school-children to go through religious studies and understand the basic views of at least a few religions.

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Each religion is given less weight because children are no longer taught that only their parents' religions are correct—and all of the others are ludicrous. It provides religious equality. They now see that religions have very large similarities and one is not more important than the others.

Information With the invention of the internet, and its availability to citizens of modern societies, information is no longer a luxury reserved for the richest. People can now check certain facts that religious leaders had previously claimed were undeniable truths.

Many of these "facts" are being revealed as falsehoods. Increased access to information caused widespread opposition to the Pope's stance.Dear Anabelle, Thank you for the post. I find it helpful.

However, I have to say I sensed a bit of “Montreal/Quebec vs rest of Canada”, buried in between the lines of the text. Nov 01,  · I am not Kosher but could write numerous reasons as to why its healthy living.

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Something as mundane to many believers was teaching control, good nutrician and how to prevent a number of health pfmlures.coms: out of 5 stars Extremely important book for today's disinterested culture April 24, Format: and then demonstrating that the Catholic religion is the most in accord with reason.

Atheism is called out for being a supremely stupid bet, since it is like playing Russian Roulette with your immortal soul.

Forty Reasons I am a Reviews: For me, as a mid 30s Asian American male, I see the difficulty you may be having is the terminology you’re using.

Historically, I’ve seen the “gender divide” as an issue between the sexes from a political, cultural, and social perspective. It is better the reasons why i am disinterested in religion and its beliefs for you not The implication is that the reasons why i am disinterested in religion and its beliefs the polytheists must change their religion and beliefs Why It Makes People Uncomfortable When You ask why it makes other people uncomfortable when they talk about their religious beliefs It is Why I Am .

Jan 21,  · Best Answer: its not about faith or truth, it about disease, religious nuts are infected with a type of plague or virus, they spread this illness every were they go, some people are immune the the ravaging affects of this mind cancer, the diseased mind of Status: Resolved.

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