Street rod projects for sale

Rat Rod Coupe About Rat Hot Rod Project Soon after the art of taking broken down and inexpensive vehicles and transforming them into high-performance hot rods became popular among teenagers and young adults who had skill but not a tremendous amount of money, the upper class started pouring cash into making expensive versions that were put on display and never actually driven. For those who still valued the true meaning of the hot rod, a rat hot rod project became a way to respond to what they saw as a waste of vehicles. Rat hot rod project cars show off the inner workings, putting the enhanced engines and customized interiors on display, as the cars take to the streets rather than just sitting idle as a part of a collection.

Street rod projects for sale

With our very equipped shop we have you covered with everything from chassis and sheet metal fabrication to custom parts on our 4' x 8' CNC plasma. We specialize in fabrication of some radical rides. Some of the frames that we build are a slammed suicide axle setup using in house parts or air ride I beam but we can build just about any style frame that you can think of.

Feel free to look around and make sure you contact us about any of your frame, fabrication or parts needs. A person that no matter what obstacle is thrown at them would fight to hell and back to find the good in it. Well that my friends is where this build began. I have a very good friend that I have known for years, but it wasn't until a unfortunate turn of events that I really got to know him.

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One day while taking a ride and hanging out he mentioned how he always wished he'd had the chance to take a 98" slingshot down the track.

I decided that day was going to come. Here is a link to pictures of Butch Fairchild, the Road Kings CC a few friends of our buddies and our 4 month journey. We have done everything from mild chops, channels, building perimeter frames to building complete hot rods and rolling chassis for hot rods, rat rods gassers and dragsters.

We currently have a Hot 29 Ford Roadster and Chevy coupe in the shop that we are turning into a few very low rods on our custom frames. From gassers, rat rods, street rods to lowriders we have you covered.


Stay tuned for more on the builds and parts. I'm always willing to help. He has been on my ass for years about my inability to let go of any of the A's from my private little stash. Check back often, more information will be coming soon!

I really enjoy hanging out, helping and learning from this guy. I thought you might like the video. Links I am working on creating a list of websites with a common interest as well as sites I support. If you would like to see your website here be sure to email me.

Autorama I just wanted to take a second and say thanks to many of you that may be reading this. I try to help out as many people as I can, but thanks to the support from many of you I had the pleasure of chopping a top with Gene Winfield and Voodoo Larry at the Autorama in Chicago.

Working with Gene Winfield is one of those things that I have always dreamed of. I would also like to say thank you to the many people that recognized me and stopped to chat.

Street rod projects for sale

I appreciate all of your support! Enough daydreaming, I've got to get back to work.WILLYS COUPE PROJECT HOT RAT STREET ROD GASSER for sale in Maryville, Tennessee, USA Do not be afraid to make an offer, this one needs to go to fund other projects.

Got this in a trade awhile back, had plans to build, but just too many projects at this time so I am going to pass this one on. Low prices of Street Rod Projects Cheap and other related products.

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