Self publishing research paper

For Research Scholars doing Phd it is mandatory to publish their research papers at international level academic Journals or scholarly Peer Reviewed journals.

Self publishing research paper

The voluntary lack of editorial and marketing oversight means authors control the entire means of production, from pitch to promotions. This route particularly benefits more independent-minded writers who want to reach audiences on their own terms, bypassing the usual publishing games involving pitches, agents, editing for marketers, and book tours.

It grants them an opportunity to share what they have to say with readers who want to listen. Traditional publishing does not always allow that, no matter how insightful or worthy an author may be.

Many might soften toward the concept over time, but these days they remain largely conservative when adapting and embracing new methods. The reason is that promotion committees want to know that the research has been vetted by third parties.

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Professionally, we want people to read our work and help us improve. For example, maybe the work is too controversial, or you prefer speedy publication because it can take years to publish the normal way. How does academia perceive self-publishing? Nothing is wrong with the traditional academic publishing track for faculty, students, and other scholarly types comfortable with the process.

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But self-publishing opens them up to a far higher degree of flexibility, even creativity, than before. Academics hoping to push the limits of media or expedite the process of sharing their studies would likely find this option far more appealing.

Self publishing research paper

Between writing and distribution, academic publishing takes anywhere between six months and Self publishing research paper years. Depending on which self-publishing route one decides to take, releasing research to audiences could be instantaneous. But even if they elect for something a little more intense, they still control when their work is made available.

Traditional academic publishing comes at a major cost to the consumers who need the articles and books most.

Self publishing research paper

Over the next two years, the British government will make all academic research conducted using federal funding open to the public at no additional expense. Such a measure allows the very institutions and individuals who sponsored the undertakings to read what they paid for without paying even more for it.

General and discipline-specific websites, social networks, and databases more on them later also streamline the process of finding papers at little to no cost to readers. While time is a major concern in the traditional academic publishing process, money is the primary issue.

More independent routes might provide a comfortable middle ground where consumers pay less, but researchers still earn some compensation for their work. Establishing and maintaining credibility in academia relies heavily on presenting reliable, verifiable research.

Test, retest, edit, re-edit, and take any other precautions necessary to publish solid materials. Think of audiences as a privilege to be earned through hard work and honest research.

To attract and retain a loyal audience, an author must also know what that audience wants. Pick a specific target audience and write to their comprehension levels.

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What a physics professor writes for the general public should be significantly different than what he or she would feel comfortable showing to Stephen Hawking, for example.

No author is capable of satisfying everyone, so concentrate on reaching a more narrowly defined demographic. Authors need to choose which format best suits their needs. They need to find a publisher whose interface and pay structure if any stand in congruence with their ultimate goals.

They need to decide whether they need an agent, and how they plan to promote the publication. Organize time around specific goals. Streamlining reduces stress and affords a greater degree of flexibility when paired with explicitly-defined objectives.

For example, one author might want to devote an hour a night to comparing and contrasting publishers; after selecting the most appropriate fit, they can move on to the next goal of deciding whether to hire an agent.

Getting Started Academics who find self-publishing a tantalizing prospect have plenty of platforms and options to pursue. So any authors attempting to release their papers, books, and other research materials on their own terms need to explore what each format offers in terms of compensation, communication, and other factors.

Tens of millions of papers have been uploaded to the site, which serves as a blend of publishing company and social network, nurturing collaboration between researchers worldwide.

Best of all, it costs nothing to sign up and share.This unprecedented publisher intervention and censorship of scholars’ intellectual works further stresses the urgent need for academic self-publishing as described in detail in our paper below.

Introduction. Does publishing a paper on the ArXiv count as "being published" in academia and within the physics community? What are some of the most cited papers from arXiv? I have a research paper under review for 4 months now in a . Self-publishing is a great option for those who are not able to make it in the selective and competitive world of traditional publishing, but it should not be the end goal if an author is in search of true success.

“Self-publication of research is fairly rare other than depositing papers in a public access archive. The reason is both pragmatic and professional,” explains Dr.


Fabio Rojas, associate professor of sociology at Indiana University and self-published author of Grad Skool Rulz: Everything You Need to Know about Academia from Admissions to. Do your research: Beyond the research for your paper or book, of course. Don’t just plunge into a self-publishing option without a plan.

Don’t just plunge into a self-publishing option without a plan. Sep 07,  · Why I published a paper on my blog instead of a journal TL;DR: I had a research project that has been sitting for more than a decade without finding a home in a scientific journal, so I decided to post it on my blog instead as an NeuroDojo.

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