Report writing format for business communication

Types of Business Reports in Business Communication The business reports are classified on many basis. Such types of business reports are briefly explained. They are ordinary or routine reports and special reports.

Report writing format for business communication

What is Report on Business Communication? A report is a description of an event carried back to someone who was not present on the scene. It may be defined as an organized statement of facts related to a particular subject prepared after an investigation is made and presented to the interested persons.

Report can be written or oral, but in most of the cases it is written.

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Some definitions on report are quoted below What is business report, Definition of Report, Meaning of Report. It is an important document that helps in decision making.

The Objectives of Preparing Report The prime objective of report is to provide information about any event or object or situation to the proper persons.

It helps business people to take accurate and pragmatic decisions. The purposes of Report can be mentioned as below- To carry business information to the concerned quarters To analyze the data for interpretation To help planning by providing factual information To help decision making by providing necessary information and evidence To reduce administrative cost by eliminating searching cost for information To help establish effective control system through the information on employee performance To help reduce and resole organizational disputes To help to bring effective coordination between and among the departments To help to bring dynamism in the organization by supplying latest information To find out the reason behind a problem To present the findings of investigation or inquiry To recommend specific action to solve a problem So, we find that report serves some important purposes.

In fact it aims to provide every support to business people through providing necessary factual information. Elements of a Business Report The elements of a report vary depending on the organization or structure of the report and there are various styles of organizing a report.

Normally reports are organized in three ways- Letter-Text Combination From: Letter-text combination form is the widely adopted form for origination long report.

Letter-text combination form finally takes the book form when it is presented or handed over to the authority formally. A complete report in letter-text combination form includes the following parts and sub-divisions- Letter Form: If the materials of a report are short, brief and informal, they can be arranged as a form of business letter.

The main parts of a letter report are heading or title, date, address, salutation, the body, complimentary close and signature. It is usually written in the first person I or We. A simple way of presenting report is a memorandum form as it maintains less formality.

The date of the report is mentioned at the top. It is followed by the name of the person to whom the report is addressed, the name of the writer and the subject of the report.

Report writing format for business communication

Next follows the actual text and the conclusion. Like the letter form, the text of the report here is also divided into paragraphs with headings and sub heading. There are more information about What is Speech Communication? Characteristics of a Good Speech.

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The business reports are classified on many basis. Such types of business reports are briefly explained. Formal report is prepared in a prescribed format and presented before the competent authority in an established procedure. A formal report is an official report that contains detailed information, research, and data necessary to make business decisions.

This report is generally written for the purpose of solving a. way you apply business and report writing skills within the workplace. What steps might you Link to Project Status Report Template, other templates on PSC website.

– Initiatives Management and intended audience of your communication.

Report writing format for business communication

Some business documents and topics require more formal language than others. If unsure. 5. Report Writing: As the term suggests, report writing focuses on written reports, typically including everything from short, informational memos to letter reports (basically long letters that include headings and other report-writing techniques), to complete analytical reports.

Books on this subject 3. A short report is usually written to inform the authority concerned or specific readers about a specific matter so that they can make appropriate decision about the matter.

It consists of facts and sometimes analysis of facts. The information provided in a short report is arranged somewhat in a memo format. While writing a short report, one must start it with an introduction heading.

In business communication, a report is used to provide an free analysis example on a given situation, whether it’s based on a real incident or a case study, and apply business theories to resolve such.

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