Polythene pollution

Jul 09, The local traders have welcomed the Himachal Pradesh government's recent notification of banning the use and sale of thermocol cutlery across the state. To save the environment from degradation, governor, Acharya Devvrat, on Saturday banned the use of thermocol cutlery, including cups, plates, glasses and spoons or any other item in the state. Speaking about the same, Rajiv Sharma, a local trader said, "Since plastic was banned a few years ago, we had started using paper cups and plates.

Polythene pollution

How can pollution be prevented? We can help pollution get better by slowing down a lot of things such as not using the car as much and not littering because littering doesn't just affect our land but affects… animals in the ocean and on land.

We are as well but little do we know it we also get affected by pollution it is said that it can give you cancer by inhaling polluted air.

You can do your bit by walking from place to place if it is walking distance and don't litter because we Polythene pollution share the world with other nations and they get affected by pollution as well.

If we keep going on the way we are going we are all going to die because the ozone layer will burn away to nothing.

Some pollution will always result from man's and nature's activities. The secret is to get the levels down to the natural assimilative capacity of the Earth's ecosystems. To this end people should follow all the rules from kindergarten: Pick up after themselves.

Don't take more than you need. Clean-up the messes you make. Don't wait for someone else to tell you to do the right thing. Keep your neighbour's stuff as neatly as you want to have your0s kept. Don't make promises you can't keep And the rule from camping: Leave the campground a little cleaner than you found it stop trowing away glass cardboard plastic.

We can prevent pollution by recycling and using energy effitioant cars. One of the most within-reach ways to stop pollution is to increase people's awareness that their actions are detrimental to the environment.

Enough information together with product alternatives should determine more and more people to use only those products with a high safety level for the environment. There are other little things that you can do to stop pollution from picking up your pet's litter to reporting illegal dumping of chemical substances.

Thus, disposing of motor oils, trash, paint and other chemicals in the storm drains is completely illegal and is punishable by law. And since we've mentioned paints, you can do something to stop pollution here too; water-based paints are the most reliable and environment friendly as compared to oil-based ones, ask at the decoration store department for guidance.

You should think about all these aspects that contribute to the international effort to stop pollution. Prevention of pollution is the best policy to prevent lot of diseases.

Pollution is a process of spoiling the air,water,soil and also ecological systems in the surroundings.Plastic pollution is a pressing environmental concern that requires our collective action.

Polythene pollution

Bangladesh experienced floods in urban areas in and where polythene and plastic materials. BAREILLY: After getting a luke-warm response to their drive against the use of plastic bangs, the district Pollution Control Board (PCB) has decided t.

Polythene pollution is an example of non biodegradable pollution and they persist on our earth years after years affecting even future generation.

Polythene pollution

Polythene pollution is mostly created by polythene bags, plastic syringe, pesticide containers, medicinal bottles.

Polythene posing threat to Bhaderwah environment, rue locals. In and around Bhaderwah one can find many plastic dumps in paddy fields and across different .

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POLYTHENE POLLUTION. INTRODUCTION Pollution from Polythene In this age of computers and Internet, Use and Throw culture is the order of the day. You use anything and after using it, throw it away. Polythene pollution has drastically disturbed everyman’s life style.5/5(1).

Sir: Pollution is the most serious global problem which has even endangered human race on the earth. A lot of things and factors contribute in polluting the environment. If we are skilled enough.

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