Pass papers avon case study

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Pass papers avon case study

Citronella Plant Keeps Mosquitoes Away By Robert Pavlis on July 18, Mosquitoes are becoming a more important pest as new varieties move north in North America, and the incidence of diseases increases.

Around here there is a big concern about the West Nile Virus so it is only natural that people try to find simple ways to keep mosquitoes away. A very common solution is citronella. Some suggest planting the citronella plant next to your patio to keep mosquitoes away.

Others rely on citronella candles. These solutions are just myths. The picture above shows the citronella plant; also called Pelargonium citrosum. This geranium is Pass papers avon case study to the true citronella. Not only that but the scientific name of the plant is not even recognized as a valid name.

It is a geranium ie Pelargonium and it sort of smells like citronella. It even has some of the same aromatic chemicals found in citronella, but it is a different plant. But does it work?

Testing shows that it does not repel mosquitoes. In fact, mosquitoes seem to enjoy sitting on the plant. Citronella oil is extracted from various species of lemongrass genus Cymbopogon — say that name 3 times fast!

Pass papers avon case study

This is a perennial clumping grass that grows to a height of 6 feet. It is not frost hardy. Cymbopogon citratus — lemongrass Does Citronella Control Mosquitoes? So much for botany — does the real citronella plant or the oil work? If the aroma from the plant wards off mosquitoes, then this would only work for you if you are sitting in or right next to the plant.

The reality is the amount of chemicals given off by plants is very small. You will smell them most when you brush against them or you crush a leaf.

Growing the plant will have almost no effect on mosquito control. Research in North America has confirmed that citronella oil is effective and the oil is registered as an insect repellant in the US. Studies in the EU failed to validate its effectiveness and they have banned the product as an insecticide.

If it does work, it does need to be applied frequently — at least every hour. Keep in mind that it is also 2 times more deadly than Roundup. Both products are relatively safe, but it is important to understand that this organic solution does have a risk.

How toxic is citronella oil? One way to measure toxicity is to measure the LD 50, in this case, the LD 50 on rabbit skin. Both have similar toxicities and both are very safe. You might also be interested in this post: This is a myth. The above statement was the initial entry in the post. It is not quite correct.

Work at the University of Guelph tested citronella candles. In a 5 minute period subjects received 6, 8, and 11 bites for citronella candles, regular candles, and no candles, respectively. Citronella candles were marginally better than regular candles and reduced bites by half compared to using nothing.

Deet is much more effective. Fragrant Plants and Mosquitoes There are lots claims that fragrant plants such as catnip, citronella grass, beebalm, marigolds, lemon balm, lavender, geraniums, thyme, wormwood, rosemary and various mints, repel mosquitoes in the garden.

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