Module ix biltrite case

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Module ix biltrite case

For purposes of this case, the income tax effects of audit adjustments have been ignored. Description of the Company Operations Biltrite was incorporated in to manufacture ten-speed touring bikes. An exercise bike was added to the product line inand mountain bikes were added in Currently, the company makes the following products: Ten-speed touring bike Phoenix: Twelve-speed mountain bike Himalaya: Stationary exercise bike All of these products are manufactured in one plant, which is located in eastern Texas.

Derailleurs front and rear comprise a major portion of the parts inventory. Other purchased parts consist of tires, handle grips, pedals, wheels, and spokes.

Module ix biltrite case

Materials and supplies consist primarily Module ix biltrite case paint and steel. Biltrite manufactures the frames and handlebars, and assembles and paints the bikes. The factory, which employs 2, workers, was built inwas refurbished and updated five years ago, and it is now quite automated.

Increased automation enabled Biltrite to decrease its factory workers from 3, workers ten years ago to 2, workers just two years ago.

The vice president of production observed that automation enabled Biltrite to significantly increase production-worker productivity. The marketing vice president agrees and predicts revenue and profit growth for at least the next two to three years.

In addition to the 2, production workers, the company employs salaried administrative employees, including the corporate management staff, warehouse superintendents, and regional sales managers.

In addition, the regional units employ warehouse personnel and salespersons. Hourly employees, consisting of the production workers and warehouse personnel, are paid weekly; salaried employees are paid biweekly.

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Salespersons receive a salary plus 5 percent commission, based on gross sales. The company has ten regional distribution locations in various parts of the United States; each location consists of a warehouse headed by a warehouse superintendent and a sales office directed by a regional sales manager.

Products are shipped to the warehouses upon completion, and from the warehouses they are shipped to licensed dealers in the respective regions. The dealer network consists of approximately 1, outlets located throughout the United States and Canada.

All products carry a full one-year warranty covering parts and labor.

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The company is known for the quality of its products and for its strong service support. Biltrite experienced steady growth in sales and profitability of all product lines from the date of incorporation until about four years ago. Check with your instructor.

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Module ix biltrite case

Editorial review has deemed that any suppressed content does not materially affect the overall learning experience. Cengage Learning reserves the right to remove additional content at any time if subsequent rights restrictions require it. However, Biltrite has experienced significant growth in sales and profitability for the current year.

In an attempt to combat the strong competition from foreign bicycle producers, managers at Biltrite, particularly those responsible for marketing and controlling production costs, have been given demanding performance targets in recent years.

While the financial rewards for meeting or exceeding these targets are great, the targets are deemed very challenging. In response, many marketing and production-control managers have left the firm for opportunities elsewhere, leaving Biltrite relatively understaffed in some areas. In addition, many recent hires to the management team have not been provided with sufficient descriptions of or training for the tasks, knowledge, and skills needed to succeed.

Denise Vaughan is presently the partner in charge of the engagement and Carolyn Volmar is the audit manager.Biltrite Practice Case. Module III: Control Testing – Sales Processing.

Module IX: Analysis of Interbank Transfers. 1. A. The purpose of analyzing inter-bank transfers for a short period before and after the balance sheet due in to check if there are any cash cutoff errors. B & C. the check showing $3,, received from Lawton.

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Module XIII - Mortgage Note Payable and Note Payable to Bank Two 63 Module XIV - Working Trial Balance 66 Module XV - Audit Report 82 The following pages in this manual contain the solutions to the Biltrite Bicycles, Inc. audit practice case. The following pages in this manual contain the solutions to the Biltrite Bicycles, Inc.

audit practice case. The solutions are presented by module number. Answers to the narrative questions are presented first, followed by the completed working papers as solutions to those parts requiring audit working paper completion.

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