Defying gravity essay

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Defying gravity essay

Credits Mission statement For the purposes of what I hope to be a technically and scientifically accurate document, I will define our goal thus: The International Astronomical Union defines a planet as: Since "celestial body" does not include the Earth, we shall assume for the sake of pedantry that the IAU meant to say "astronomical body".

These definitions instantly suggest some very simple ways of stripping the Earth of its planethood, such as hurling it into interstellar space, moving it into orbit around a gas giant, or moving it into a solar orbit whose neighbourhood is not cleared the main asteroid belt being the most obvious choice.

A slightly less obvious method would be redefining "planet" not to include the Earth. Naturally, these methods the latter of which is by far the most feasible method listed in this document will Defying gravity essay be considered to count - redefining something doesn't make it go away.

We are left, therefore, with the challenge of significantly altering the Earth's physical structure, or else reducing its mass such that it can Defying gravity essay a shape which is not round.

That is, according to current scientific understanding, it must be possible for the Earth to actually be destroyed by this method, however improbable or impractical it may be.

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Methods are ranked in order of feasibility. Feasibility ratings are given out of ten - these are based primarily on my gut instinct and do not reflect actual mathematical probabilities in any way. Several methods involve moving the Earth a considerable distance off its usual orbital track.

Defying gravity essay

This is an essay in itself, so a separate page has been created for it. Annihilated by an equivalent quantity of antimatter You will need: An entire planet Earth made from antimatter Antimatter - the most explosive substance possible - can be manufactured in small quantities using any large particle accelerator, but this will take preposterous amounts of time to produce the required amounts.

If you can create the appropriate machinery, it may be possible to find or scrape together an approximately Earth-sized chunk of rock and simply to "flip" it all through a fourth spacial dimension, turning it all to antimatter at once.

Once you've generated your antimatter, probably in space, just launch it en masse towards Earth. Alternatively, if your matter-flipping machinery is a little more flexible, turn half the Earth into antimatter say, the Western Hemisphere and watch the fireworks.

Earth's final resting place: When matter and antimatter collide, they completely annihilate each other, leaving nothing but energy. All that would be left of Earth is a scintillating flash of light expanding across space forever. This method is one of the most permanent and total on this list, as the very matter which makes up the Earth ceases to exist, making it virtually impossible to even reassemble the planet afterwards.

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It IS possible to create antimatter, so, technically, this method IS possible. But since the proposed matter-to-antimatter flipping machine is probably complete science fiction, we're looking at stupid, stupid amounts of time to pull this off.

With a significantly smaller amount of antimatter, you can simply blow the Earth up - see later. This method suggested by Thomas Wootten. Fissioned You will need: Take every single atom on planet Earth and individually split each one down to become hydrogen and helium.

Fissioning heavier elements to become hydrogen and helium is the opposite of the self-sustaining reaction that powers the Sun: While Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are gas giants composed primarily of hydrogen and helium, they are massive enough to actually hold on to their tenuous atmospheres.

The Earth is not; the gases would dissipate away. You'd get a wispy mess of gas where there should have been a planet. Technically possible, but, again, hopelessly, mind-bogglingly inefficient and time-consuming.

You're looking at billions of years minimum, folks.

Defying gravity essay

This method suggested by John Routledge. Sucked into a microscopic black hole You will need: Note that black holes are not eternal, they evaporate due to Hawking radiation.

For your average black hole this takes an unimaginable amount of time, but for really small ones it could happen almost instantaneously, as evaporation time is dependent on mass.

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Therefore your microscopic black hole must have greater than a certain threshold mass, roughly equal to the mass of Mount Everest.

Creating a microscopic black hole is tricky, since one needs a reasonable amount of neutronium, but may possibly be achievable by jamming large numbers of atomic nuclei together until they stick.Losing the War. Man is a bubble, and all the world is a stormJeremy Taylor, Holy Dying () My father owned a gorgeous porcelain tiger about half the size of a house cat.

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Preamble Destroying the Earth is harder than you may have been led to believe. You've seen the action movies where the bad guy threatens to destroy the Earth. You've heard people on the news claiming that the next nuclear war or cutting down rainforests or persisting in releasing.

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