Customer care is an important point in management

If a customer is unhappy, he or she will voice their complaint. How do you respond to a complaint that you have received? Here, we share 5 ways to handle the complaint, and provide suggestions on ways to stop the complaint from going viral.

Customer care is an important point in management

Now, the customer experience brings new ways to strengthen customer relationships through technological breakthroughs.

In commerce, customer experience (CX) is the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship. This interaction is made up of three parts: the customer journey, the brand touchpoints the customer interacts with, and the environments the customer experiences (including digital environment) during their experience. Journal of Management and Marketing Research Effective Customer Relationship Management, Page 3 brands), and is a function of psychological process (i.e. decision making, evaluative process) that. Hi, Steven., awesome and thought-provoking article you got here! I like the idea of turning complaints into opportunities of selling. Instead of taking customer complaints as bad for your business, turning it around and making it an avenue to understanding your customers, help achieve customer success is a brilliant idea.

How important is customer experience? A business cannot exist without its customers, and this is why companies are focusing on how to win new customers and perhaps more importantly, retain existing customers.

So how many brands are truly delivering an excellent customer experience? Surprisingly, not too many. Customer expectations are risingand faster than the speed that companies can improve their customer experience.

Customers expect every interaction as the best experience they have with any company — not just yours!

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So, the question remains, how can your organization create a great customer experience? Create a clear customer experience vision The first step in your customer experience strategy is to have a clear customer-focused vision that you can communicate with your organization.

The easiest way to define this vision is to create a set of statements that act as guiding principles. For example, Zappos use their Zappos core family values and these values are embedded into their culture; which includes delivering wow through service, be humble and embracing change. Once these principles are in place, they will drive the behavior of your organization.

Every member of your team should know these principles by heart and they should be embedded into all areas of training and development. Understand who your customers are The next step in building upon these customer experience principles is to bring to life the different type of customers who deal with your customer support teams.

If your organization is going to really understand customer needs and wants, then they need to be able to connect and empathize with the situations Customer care is an important point in management your customers face.

One way to do this is to create customer personas and give each persona a name and personality. For example, Anne is 35 years old; she likes new technology and is tech savvy enough to follow a video tutorial on her own, whereas John 42 years old needs to be able to follow clear instructions on a web page.

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By creating personas, your customer support team can recognize who they are and understand them better. Well, the best customer experiences are achieved when a member of your team creates an emotional connection with a customer. One of the best examples of creating an emotional connection comes from Zappos, when a customer was late on returning a pair of shoes due to her mother passing away.

When Zappos found out what happened, they took care of the return shipping and had a courier pick up the shoes without cost. The next day, the customer arrived home to a bouquet of flowers with a note from the Zappos customer service team who sent their condolences.

Customers become loyal because they are emotionally attached and they remember how they feel when they use a product or service. Capture customer feedback in real time How can you tell if you are delivering a wow customer experience?

Customer care is an important point in management

You need to ask — And ideally you do this by capturing feedback in real time. Use a quality framework for development of your team By following the steps above, you now know what customers think about the quality of your service compared to the customer experience principles you have defined.

The next step is to identify the training needs for each individual member of your customer support team. Many organizations assess the quality of phone and email communication, however, a quality framework takes this assessment one step further by scheduling and tracking your teams development through coaching, eLearning and group training.

Act upon regular employee feedback Most organizations have an annual survey process where they capture the overall feedback of your team; how engaged they are and the businesses ability to deliver an exceptional service.

But, what happens in the 11 months between these survey periods? And this is where continuous employee feedback can play a role using tools that allow staff to share ideas on how to improve the customer experience and for managers to see how staff is feeling towards the business.

For example, using project management software or social media tools, you can create a closed environment where your organization can leave continuous feedback.

Measure the ROI from delivering great customer experience And finally, how do you know if all this investment in your teams, process and technology are working and paying off? The answer is in the business results.

Conclusion Customer expectations are higher than ever and word of mouth travels fast!

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And as the customer becomes even more empowered, it increases the importance of the customer service experience.

Customer experience is an area that needs constant nurturing and care and with a greater focus on customer experience strategy, companies will realize a positive impact on customer loyalty, higher retention and increased revenues.

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What is social customer service? Social customer service is the practice of providing consumer support through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to quickly answer questions. 69% of customers believe fast resolution of the problem is vital to good service, making social consumer support invaluable.

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I was speaking at a Customer Experience conference recently and was asked by one of the delegates “So what comes after CEM?” We have grown up on a diet of TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) first being exhorted to embrace TQM, then BPR, through CRM, CMR and now CEM (Customer Experience Management), so it seems perfectly reasonable to ask about the NBT (Next Big Thing!).

Journal of Management and Marketing Research Effective Customer Relationship Management, Page 3 brands), and is a function of psychological process (i.e. decision making, evaluative process) that. Industry leading call center software solutions - cloud, hosted and on-premise options.

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