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It, in turn, unveils, behind an acid etched glass sliding wall, the Color space. Its ability to transform so easily makes it ideal space where to host a large range of events. During the day there is a big quantity of light coming through the wide skylight, it can be partially or totally darkened electrically, exalting the total white walls and the translucent features around the venue. During the evening, the atmosphere is emphasized by colourful light beams, moving head fixture, par led and moving beam shapers.

Business plan studio fotografico righi

Share via email On a blazing summer afternoon, residents are pottering around the gardens of their boxy brick houses in the Moravian town of Zlin. Neighbours are tending vegetable plots, watering blooming flowerbeds or cycling down the narrow lanes towards the town centre. Red-bricked former shoe factories glimmer in the distance.

These are the remnants of a unique social and urban legacy left by Zlin-born entrepreneur and modernist thinker Tomas Bata.

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Once a sleepy market town, between the wars Zlin was transformed into an industrial powerhouse churning out millions of pairs of shoes per year from fast-moving production lines. And the industrialist was not just responsible for business plan studio fotografico righi a shoe empire: At the end of the 19th century, Bata and his siblings started a humble shoe-making company but the price of leather and mounting debts forced him to come up with an ingenious plan: The company thrived, given a leg up by military contracts during the First World War; Bata opened new factories in the west of the city and shops in Zlin, Prague and Vienna.

His success allowed him to travel to the US, where he gleaned production-line manufacturing and management know-how. He was especially enthused by the working practices of Henry Ford. As business boomed and the number of employees surged from in to 4, inBata decided that it was prudent to provide his rapidly growing workforce with housing.

The newly minted industrial Zlin would be based on the ideas of UK urbanist Ebenezer Howard and the garden-city movement but with the modernist aesthetic well to the fore.

But Bata was also a businessman and, as such, looked for the quickest and most cost-effective option. The cookie-cutter cubes were easy to replicate and were put up in a matter of months by labourers moving from house to house, fulfilling their assigned task.

Bata even manufactured the bricks — and a version of linoleum called Zlinolit — in his own factories.

business plan studio fotografico righi

They could build one floor a week; in many ways they were ahead of their time. He was an early proponent of profit-sharing schemes. Tragically Bata died in a plane crash in but the Bata phenomenon did not go with him.

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The Study Institute and the subsequent Zlin School of Art nurtured plenty of young talent and saw the advent of industrial design, with avant-garde artists working on ergonomic tools and machinery, as well as furniture joinery, woodworking and graphic design.

Jan went on to invite Le Corbusier to judge an architectural competition for new worker housing. Losing the Zlin factories to nationalisation, Tomas Jr founded Batawa near Toronto, from where he gradually built up the company and expanded into Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, eventually moving the headquarters to Toronto in Shoe production continued in Zlin until the end of the 20th century under a different namefinally ceasing in and today the city is repositioning itself as an administrative and university centre.

A striking renovation is Building 23, which today is a Business Innovation Centre where young companies are offered favourable rents in order to entice them to the area. Characterised by its original industrial rawness, the building is all seamless polished cement floors and black metal handrails.

business plan studio fotografico righi

Pavel Valek, a designer at digital agency Studio 9, is particularly fond of it. Turned into a concert hall during the communist era with the addition of two brick stairwells, the memorial building is slated for a comprehensive restoration.

We want people to re-engage with the space; there will be concerts, lectures and exhibitions.

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We feel we owe Bata a debt. He founded our city; his legacy is everywhere. And while some of the Bata houses have seen better days, a new wave of young residents is eager to move in, drawn to the houses by the holiday-village feel of the neighbourhoods and their handy proximity to the city centre.

Michal Babic — an interior designer at Ellement architecture studio, which specialises in restoring Bata homes — lives in the Letna neighbourhood in a quarter-house. Despite the tight squeeze Babic is happy with his home. He too has worked on his Bata home, adding a plywood staircase and bright-green industrial-strength string in lieu of a handrail, and knocking through walls to unify the ground floor.

So what does the future hold for this unique urban and social experiment, begot by commercial prowess and a strongly held belief in the welfare of those who served the company? If we want to use these buildings for another 20, 50 years, we have to find the right way to make them good again.Residence Duna Rossa, Caorle.

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