Business plan gliederung bundeswehr

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Business plan gliederung bundeswehr

Opportunities and risks Executive summary The business plan starts with a brief summary that has the intention to arouse the interest of the reader to read on after the first page. The abstract should be no longer than one page and be brief on the wording. The reader should get an overview over the main aspects of your business plan by reading your concise presentation of your business idea and the unique selling proposition or in simple words: Describe in which way your services differ from the portfolio of your competitors.

Also, you should describe how your business will develop in the years after start-up. The founder of the business This section should cover your skills as an entrepreneur. Explain your professional competences and how you have achieved it in the past.

Convince the reader of your experiences and describe your activities and functions which you had in previous companies. The management of a company requires professional qualifications as well as social skills which play an important role.

Refer on hobbies or other projects where you have successfully implemented your social competence. If you have deficits in the area of the business management, e.

Please also explain the costs of your service to ensure that the reader understands the revenue and cost calculations of your offer.

Business branch and market At market launch also competition begins. You need to know which services are offered by your competitors and what strengths and weaknesses they have. Research this on the internet, in the yellow pages or check with professional chambers that know about the local or regional market.

You need to deal with the structural data of your business branch: In order to evaluate the potential of your company, you should describe the dominating barriers to enter the market and how to overcome or circumvent these. The price of your services may have to be adapted to the purchasing power of the target group.

business plan gliederung bundeswehr

Frequently the price depends on the chosen location of the business. Therefore, explain why you chose the location and check the accessibility of your potential customers at this location.

Legal form This chapter covers the particular choice of the right legal form. For your business you have a variety of different types available individual enterprise, partnership, corporation etc. With the chosen legal form you are able to influence the future development of your business, namely whether you wish to involve shareholders or if you want to take the entire business risk as an individual entrepreneur.

Particularly the marketing strategy has to be carefully chosen and realized. Here you explain your strategy that you want to apply when presenting your company in the market. Very important is that your services differ from those of your competitors.

Please explain which particular benefits your services can offer to your customers and how they will satisfy their needs. Please answer the following questions: How can I present my offer best?

The price plays a decisive role in the development and presentation of your business. Here you have to decide in which price category you want to operate: List the costs of your business in detail.

Add matching prices to your services offered. Estimate your sales during the first years important: Please keep in mind that the price of your services has to cover your costs in any case and that your prices have to be competitive.

Create a distribution concept which fits your service and the requirements of your target group. Please also think about an alternative marketing concept in order to respond quickly to changing customer needs and market conditions. Please also think about an alternative distribution concept to respond quickly to the new customer needs and market conditions.

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