Are footballers overpaid

She, he and it all look gorgeous in the London sunshine. In an attempt to demystifyI read the history and crunched data. Sports economist Stefan Szymanski and I calculated that since home advantage has been worth about two-thirds of a goal per game in international football.

Are footballers overpaid

The conditions inside the camp were luxurious but the regime was austere, and Capello's iron discipline was also unleashed on an unsuspecting photographer who he believed was taking photographs of the medical room.

Terry indulged in what I regarded as some much-needed plain speakingbut saw himself painted as the ringleader of a behind-the-scenes coup. He revealed plans to get his feelings off his chest in a team meeting, but when the moment came no-one spoke, with some team-mates apparently unhappy at being implicated in this supposed insurrection.

The former captain was effectively hung out to dry and Capello pounced on what he called his "very big mistake" - namely his insistence that Joe Cole should be in the side to reassert his authority.

In my opinion that was Terry's only error and instead of clamping down and reducing his squad to silence, Capello should have addressed any concerns.

And it was Joe Cole, perhaps fuelled by under-use at this World Cup, who hinted again at problems at England's base camp when he spoke of "a lot of issues" that needed to be addressed in the aftermath of the Bloemfontein defeat. Capello's cold attitude and distant relationship with England's players was easier for them to take in a quick hit than over a long haul.

The monastic lifestyle was a sea change from Sven-Goran Eriksson's relaxed approach. It was too much of a switch of extremes - Capello failed to strike the right balance and paid the price. Rooney's World Cup failed to get anywhere near the huge expectations placed on his shoulders Photo: AFP As Rooney stripped off his red England shirt and trudged away in despair after the embarrassing loss against Germany, he was Are footballers overpaid to grips with the grim reality that he had experienced a second disappointing World Cup.

Rooney has never regained the scintillating form that deservedly made him the double footballer of the year after injuring an ankle against Bayern Munich in the Champions League in March.

He was always straining to reach his true level in South Africa, going from sound and fury against the Platinum All Stars to a level of incompetence against Algeria that almost beggared belief in this world-class striker.

After another Capello gamble failed when King lasted only 45 minutes against the United Statesso did his hope that Barry would recover fully from ankle problems to anchor his midfield. Not so much an anchor as a sinking ship, Barry looked desperately off the pace against Germany, no more so than when he laboured in embarrassing fashion as Mesut Ozil set up Thomas Mueller for the fourth goal.

What Capello had total control over was England's tactics, and his almost pre-historic obsession with led his side over the precipice.

It meant Heskey started in the draws against the United States and Algeria, and when shifts in tactical emphasis did come, Heskey was simply switched for Jermain Defoe.

The formation is in Capello's managerial DNA - I recall sitting next to him at Arsenal's London Colney training headquarters when he announced he would never play with a lone striker. If this World Cup has proved nothing else, it is that this strain of inflexibility is a character flaw.

I have not been alone in pleading for Capello to use Steven Gerrard behind Rooney to bring the best out of both playersbut plenty of paracetamol would be needed after banging your head on a brick wall about that one.

Capello's natural conservatism in squad selection also cost him, as he effectively admitted on Monday when he talked expansively about Manchester City's Adam Johnson. If he rates him so highly, then surely he was a better option that his disappointing Eastlands colleague Shaun Wright-Phillips?

These are all questions that will have occupied Capello as he took the flight back to Heathrow from Johannesburg - and they will be questions for the Football Association as they spend the next two weeks deciding whether to extend their relationship with the Italian.

Solid against Algeria and Slovenia and one of the few to emerge with credit after the debacle against Germany. Should have done better with third goal.

Now must make way for Joe Hart. England career may well be over after calamitous error against the United States. Mixed tournament that told us nothing we did not already know.

Inventive going forward but a liability in defence against class opponents. Remains a top-class left back and will be an integral part of England's future, but dragged down by the mediocrity around him against Germany.

Responded to personal adversity with a fine display against Slovenia but brutally exposed by Germany's pace and movement. Lucky there are no obvious contenders to take his place yet. Found wanting at this level. Another whose England career may well be at a close.

The gamble that failed. Only 45 uncertain minutes against the United States to show for Fabio Capello's big risk.

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Decision to emerge from international retirement earned him two more caps but not much credit. Probably fortunate to miss out on the Germany shambles. Was he fully fit after injury problems at Spurs? Disappointing, but will hope to come again.

Disappointing against Germany but England's best player in South Africa. Last chance of World Cup glory gone. So unlucky to be robbed of a goal against Germany, but did not do himself justice overall. Nightmare against Germany will live long in his memory.Footballers have only a short period to amass the all the money that they are likely going to live the rest of their lives on.

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Are the world's highest paid football players overpaid? Big data says yes Computational model shows Lionel Messi is the world's most overpaid football player.

Are footballers overpaid

The same is true for professional soccer players, the only difference is that their "study" is done on the training field and in the gym. Without question, there are indeed plenty of average, overpaid soccer players, just as there are plenty of inept overpaid workers in any profession.

There are countless examples of players signing bumper. ‘Footballers are overpaid’- it is one of those statements that most football fans come to a solid consensus with.

With football being double dipped into the business pool, Jamie Scrupps talks about how it is quite normal for footballers to get such enormous wages.

The criticism went further than the usual rumblings about spoilt and overpaid players, taking on a distinctly sinister and racial tone when the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut called the team a.

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