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An investment analysis case study nike solution

Share Tweet Most cannabis for sale right now in California is tainted with pesticides, mold, or residual solvents. California legalized medical marijuana inbut it took the state almost 20 years to write laws governing and controlling the thousands of dispensaries, deliveries, growers, manufacturers, and other aspects of the medical marijuana industry.

Unfortunately, the state has yet to provide any rules or guidelines for acceptable use of pesticides on cannabis, nor has it completed its regulations for lab testing. The same goes for cannabis in the new recreational market.

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Regulatory silence has created a situation where the majority of cannabis available for sale in California is not safe for consumption. This phenomenon has flown under the radar for many years, because relatively healthy patients can smoke dirty weed with few major health effects.

This is not true for those with compromised immune systems, such as patients dealing with cancer or AIDS. Hempcon was held in August in Oakland, and featured growers and manufacturers from around California.

An investment analysis case study nike solution

One intriguing investigation sampled many national brands from different dispensaries. All of these huge national brands failed. These are all substances known by the state of California to cause cancer.

An investment analysis case study nike solution

Major national edibles brands were found to contain unsafe levels of pesticides Myclobutanil is becoming a very dirty word in cannabis. Sold under the brand name Eagle 20, it is a systemic fungicide used to treat powdery mildew and other fungal infections in plants.

According to the federal government, it is fine for use on agricultural food products, like grapes and apples.

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But when ignited, combusted, and inhaled into the lungs, Myclobutanil breaks down into a toxic substance much like cyanide. That means that even a little spritz onto one leaf can contaminate the entire plant. And if that plant comes into contact with soil, water, or any other elements used to grow more plants, the infection continues.

Myclobutanil sprayed onto a mother plant can contaminate clones for years. There are no official guidelines or requirements for organic cannabis cultivation in California. Many farmers simply use pesticides from the agricultural industry, like Myclobutanil.

These chemicals have been approved for use on foods, but have not yet been demonstrated as safe for smoking. The California Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation has released a set of proposed limitations for contaminants.

The proposed recommendation for Myclobutanil is 0. Major concentrate brands were found to contain residual solvents and pesticides Other states and Canada have had to recall dirty weed from their shelves.

One such recall in Oregon was due to pyrethrinsa class of insecticides. The proposed limit for pyrethrins in California is. It stands to reason that most of the weed currently in the ground, being grown foris dirty.

Even if the Cannabis Bureau releases hard rules for organic growing and lab testing in the next few months, it will be far too late for the majority of retail-ready commercial cannabis. Where will it all go?

Oregon currently has the strictest testing requirements, and that state has struggled to keep clean medicine moving from cultivator, to lab, to dispensary. There are only a few wet lab facilities in California that can perform the necessary tests If the Cannabis Bureau institutes their proposed lab testing requirements, California will have the strictest regulations in the nation.

Insmart money will be on growing and manufacturing the cleanest cannabis products possible. What do you think about lab testing requirements for California cannabis? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think!GiveDirectly is one of GiveWell's top-rated charities.

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