An analysis of the most representative eras of the fashion

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An analysis of the most representative eras of the fashion

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The church features, like much of the rococo architecture in Germany, a remarkable contrast between the regularity of the facade and the overabundance of decoration in the interior. Britain[ edit ] In Great Britain, rococo was called the "French taste" and had less influence on design and the decorative arts than in continental Europe.

William Hogarth helped develop a theoretical foundation for Rococo beauty. Though not mentioning rococo by name, he argued in his Analysis of Beauty that the undulating lines and S-curves prominent in Rococo were the basis for grace and beauty in art or nature unlike the straight line or the circle in Classicism.

Before entering the Rococo, British furniture for a time followed the neoclassical Palladian model under designer William Kentwho designed for Lord Burlington and other important patrons of the arts. Kent travelled to Italy with Lord Burlington between andand brought back many models and ideas from Palladio.

An analysis of the most representative eras of the fashion

The Rococo began to make an appearance in England between and The furniture of Thomas Chippendale was the closest to the Rococo style, In he published "Gentleman's and Cabinet-makers' directory", a catalog of designs for rococo, chinoiserie and even Gothic furniture, which achieved wide popularity, going through three editions.

Unlike French designers, Chippendale did not employ marquetry or inlays in his furniture. Another important figure in British furniture was Thomas Johnsonwho invery late in the period, published a catalog of Roroco furniture designs.

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These include furnishings based on rather fantastic Chinese and Indian motifs, including a canopy bed crowned by a Chinese pagoda now in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Design for a State Bed by Thomas Chippendale —54 Proposed Chinese sofa by Thomas Chippendale —54 Design for Commode and lamp stands by Thomas Chippendale —54 Side chair by Thomas Chippendale —60 Design for candlesticks in the "Chinese Taste" by Thomas Johnson Chippendale chairMetropolitan Museum Brazier by silversmith Charles Friedrich KanderMetropolitan Museum Decline and end[ edit ] The art of Boucher and other painters of the period, with its emphasis on decorative mythology and gallantry, soon inspired a reaction, and a demand for more "noble" themes.

This was confirmed by the nomination of Le Troy as director of the Academy inand then in by Charles-Joseph Natoire. He was accompanied by several artists, including the engraver Nicolas Cochin and the architect Soufflot.

They returned to Paris with a passion for classical art.

An analysis of the most representative eras of the fashion

He turned official French architecture toward the neoclassical. Cochin became an important art critic; he denounced the petit style of Boucher, and called for a grand style with a new emphasis on antiquity and nobility in the academies of painting and architecture.

Blondel decried the "ridiculous jumble of shells, dragons, reeds, palm-trees and plants" in contemporary interiors. Rococo remained popular in the provinces and in Italy, until the second phase of neoclassicism, " Empire style ", arrived with Napoleonic governments and swept Rococo away.

Furniture and decoration[ edit ] The ornamental style called rocaille emerged in France between andmostly during the regency and reign of Louis XV ; the style was also called Louis Quinze. Its principal characteristics were picturesque detail, curves and counter-curves, asymmetry, and a theatrical exuberance.

On the walls of new Paris salons, the twisting and winding designs, usually made of gilded or painted stucco, wound around the doorways and mirrors like vines. His work is well known today because of the enormous number of engravings made of his work which popularized the style throughout Europe.History of Fashion Trends Essay History of Fashion Fashion is defined as a style of dress that is popular during a certain time or era (?Fashion?, 1).

6 Page 6 Page 8 Page 10 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 The history of fashion Major trends and developments in fashion Company Selection Analysis of the Companies House of . (One of the things this analysis doesn’t show is the proliferation of genres over the years.

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Rococo fashion was based on extravagance, elegance, refinement and decoration. Women’s fashion of the seventeenth-century was contrasted by the fashion of the eighteenth-century, which was ornate and sophisticated, the true style of Rococo.

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American Fashion Through the Decades. Post War Era. Between the stock market crash of and the end of World War II in , fashion trends were forced to take the backseat to more dire international concerns. The popularity of bell-bottoms continued and today, the style has become representative of the decade.

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