Academic writing sample introduction email

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Academic writing sample introduction email

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November 20, Sample: The increase in the total number of young people as opposed to older people has been seen in some nations recently. It has been assumed that this situation can give more benefits to a country. This essay will focus on the belief that having more young adults positively affects a nation.

It is widely known that some nations, like Japan and Greece, are suffering from economic turmoil. Most experts have pinpointed their aging population as the main factor. A large number of their population belongs to the seniors who are incapable of doing physical labor.

As a result, the smaller population, which is the young adults are forced to work harder and longer to pay taxes.

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As we all know, most governments provide financial support to the aging individuals. Of course, these kinds of financial support are costly and require proper budgeting to guarantee the continuous help they need.

academic writing sample introduction email

Having defined the effects of a large population of the older generation to a nation, let us take a look at the other picture. A country with more youngsters can experience a more stable economy as an outcome of having a bigger workforce.

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A larger workforce means more production, more service, and more tax collection. In conclusion, having a greater number of physically fit, younger workers contribute highly to the success and stability of a nation.

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academic writing sample introduction email

E Sample Letters: Self-Introduction Letter as a New Colleague Sample About the Author A professional writer since , Colleen Reinhart has held positions in technical writing and marketing.

Introduction to eLearning; Support for eLearners; Support for Faculty; Sample Email to Academic Advisor. Menu. I am one of the students assigned to you for Academic Advising at Kodiak College.

In preparation for the upcoming semester, I would like to meet with you to discuss my academic program, grades, course schedule, etc. The increase in the total number of young people as opposed to older people has been seen in some nations recently.

It has been assumed that this situation can give more benefits to a country.

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